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    Tuesday, February 7, 2023


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    PharmCon Webinar Studio (freeCE.com)


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      We pharmacists are frequently called upon by our patients for over-the-counter advice. We are also called upon by physicians for our input on cost saving alternatives. Pharmacists are the drug experts, but many of us find ourselves lacking in self-care knowledge, especially when we need to bridge the front of the pharmacy to the pharmacy department.

      Professor Pete Kreckel has made it his passion to promote the front of the pharmacy by recommending efficacious cost saving therapy. Whether you are selecting a toothpaste, antihistamine, or a pinworm medication, appropriate consultation is a must. Pharmacists are the most accessible health care professional, and we need to be on top of our “self-care game” to provide economical therapies for our patients who trust our judgement. The next time your patient approaches with a “hey doc, what do you have for…” you will be much more at ease to respond.


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      Recognize whether over-the-counter therapy is appropriate for a given patient condition
      Select an appropriate over-the-counter product based on age of patient and symptomatology
      Recognize the role of the pharmacist and physician interaction in providing cost efficient care to patients
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