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    Pharmacy Technician Enhanced Training: Supply Chain and Inventory Management is perfect for pharmacy technicians looking for fast, convenient, affordable education. Pharmacy technicians play an important role in making sure that pharmacies in all settings run safely and efficiently. Understanding the principles of supply chain and inventory management is critical to that goal. This series was developed based on the blueprint for the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board’s Supply Chain and Inventory Management Certificate, and pharmacy technicians who complete this series will be prepared to sit for that assessment.

    Program Description

    Our PTCB-Recognized Pharmacy Technician Enhanced Training: Supply Chain & Inventory Management course consists of three modules, including an overview of regulatory requirements of the drug supply chain, a review of best practices for shelving, inventory, documentation, and records, an overview of different types of pharmaceutical supplies and supply chain entities, and more. This course is customized for pharmacy technicians to provide the specific knowledge needed to best serve your patients and contribute to day-to-day pharmacy operations.

    Our unique approach to pharmacy education has made freeCE the industry standard and a favorite learning resource among pharmacy professionals. PLUS, learners can earn a Credly Badge when they complete their training. Digital badges provide a simple and verifiable way to notify highlight new skillsets, so learners can show off their specialized professional skills.

    Regulatory Requirements of the Drug Supply Chain
    Securing the United States’ drug supply chain is required to protect patients from adulterated and counterfeit medications. Several government entities oversee various facets of the drug supply chain, including the FDA, DEA, and state regulatory agencies. Laws, regulations, and guidelines on the drug supply chain will be discussed in this module.

    The Lazy Susan of Inventory, Documentation, and Records
    Pharmacy inventory management is a never-ending circle of ordering, shelving, and dispensing medications. Within that circle are the components of inventory management, documentation, and record keeping that keep the circle rotating. In this module – The Lazy Susan of Inventory, Documentation, and Records – we will be exploring the different types of documentation, inventory management strategies, and record maintenance. We will discuss how to determine inventory needs, how to mitigate drug shortage issues, and compliance with contractual requirements. We will also examine some alternative sources of medication procurement.

    Types of Suppliers and Supply Chain Entities
    Pharmacies interact with several members of the drug supply chain. Each entity has a specific function and activities they perform. This module will provide an overview of the role for each drug supply chain member and how pharmacies conduct business with them.



    Geoffrey Mospan, PharmD, BCPS
    Ann Barnes, PharmD

    Some important notes to remember regarding the Pharmacy Technician Enhanced Training: Supply Chain & Inventory Management (PTETSCIM) Certificate:

    • Registration costs $59 for members, $159 for non-members.
    • Once you have completed the specialty certificate, you are eligible to claim a sharable digital badge. Learn more about badges here.
    • This program's final exam consists of 25 unique multiple-choice questions.
    • You have only three (3) attempts to pass the final exam.
    • You may not leave the final exam in the middle and return at a later time.
    • The final exam has no time limit; however, we recommend that you write the answers down in case you lose your Internet connection or get interrupted while taking the exam.
    • You will earn continuing education credit as you complete each activity, totaling 3.25 credits upon final completion
    • You will have 12 months to complete the specialty certificate before it expires from your account.
    • This specialty certificate is NOT accredited for pharmacists or nurses.


    Pharmacy Technician Enhanced Training: Supply Chain and Inventory Management