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    freeCE offers pharmacy technicians the flexibility to complete this Billing & Reimbursement training at their own pace. This 3.5-credit program is broken into 4 live & on-demand modules. Once learners pass the final exam, and if you're a PTCB-certified pharmacy technician (CPhT), you'll have the option to apply for PTCB's Billing & Reimbursement Exam.

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    Effectively managing billing and reimbursement is vital in the pharmacy setting. Pharmacy technicians are integral to the process of billing and reimbursement in the pharmacy, which facilitates patient access to medication. In this course, technicians will learn about insurance programs and eligibility requirements, claims processing and adjudication, prior authorization, and audits and compliance. This course will allow technicians to develop a board foundation in billing and reimbursement and prepare them to take a leadership role in their practice settings.

    Program Description

    This 3.5-credit PTCB-Recognized training program has been built into a 4-module certificate, designed to train pharmacy technicians on Billing & Reimbursement. This series is developed based on the blueprint for the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board’s Billing and Reimbursement Certificate, and pharmacy technicians who complete freeCE's certificate program will be prepared to sit for that assessment.

    Programs and Eligibility
    Various healthcare programs, eligibility requirements, terminology, and reimbursement types and settings are covered in module one of this program. Billing and Reimbursement principles and how this information relates to the pharmacy technician’s advancing role is also explored.

    Claim Processing and Adjudication
    Pharmacy billing processes and strategies for submitting claims to obtain reimbursement are explained here in module 2. Opportunities to practice methods for determining drug cost and sale prices are provided.

    Prior Authorization
    Prior authorization terminology and processes are reviewed in this module to support effective pharmacy billing. Strategies to trouble shoot and promote smooth processing of authorization requests are also discussed.

    Audits and Compliance
    Are you aware of the guidelines that govern compliant billing and reimbursement in your pharmacy? Quality assurance, rules and regulations, requirements, and organizations that may be involved in pharmacy audits and surveys are covered in this final module to support the pharmacy technician and their advancing role in the workplace.

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    Some important notes to remember regarding the Pharmacy Technician Enhanced Training: Billing & Reimbursement (PTETBR) Certificate:

    • Registration costs $59 for members, $159 for non-members.
    • Once you have completed the specialty certificate, you are eligible to claim a sharable digital badge. Learn more about badges here.
    • This program's final exam consists of 50 unique multiple-choice questions.
    • You have only three (3) attempts to pass the final exam.
    • You may not leave the final exam in the middle and return at a later time.
    • The final exam has no time limit; however, we recommend that you write the answers down in case you lose your Internet connection or get interrupted while taking the exam.
    • You will earn continuing education credit as you complete each activity, totaling 3.5 credits upon final completion.
    • You will have 12 months to complete the specialty certificate before it expires from your account.
    • This specialty certificate is NOT accredited for pharmacists or nurses.


    Pharmacy Technician Enhanced Training: Billing and Reimbursement