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    freeCE's latest Specialty Certificate program will guide pharmacists in determining important factors to helping a patient select the appropriate contraceptive method. In addition to receiving specialized training around contraceptive care, learners will earn 6 hours of ACPE-accredited continuing education credit that will go towards their state's renewal requirements.

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    Program Description

    Steps involved in the patient care process will outline a specific and safe approach to prescribing contraceptive therapy. This activity will also distinguish between the different types of prescriptive authority and discuss how to minimize risk and legal complications associated with pharmacists as prescribers of contraception therapy. Upon completion of this specialty training program, pharmacists will be able to confidently apply the patient care process to effective contraceptive prescribing.

    Female Reproductive Physiology
    • Recognize barriers to preventing unintended pregnancy
    • List the functions of the female reproductive organs
    • List the steps in the process of oogenesis
    • Differentiate what occurs in each phase of the menstrual cycle
    • Identify the eight stages during fertilization of the egg by a sperm
    • Recognize the steps that are necessary for successful implantation of an embryo
    • List the hormones that are essential to the maintenance of pregnancy

    Hormonal Contraceptives: Methods, Considerations, and Precautions
    • Differentiate between the role of estrogen and progestin in combined hormonal contraceptives
    • Recognize precautions to consider in relation to using combined hormonal contraceptives
    • List the available hormonal contraceptive products
    • Compare the effectiveness of the hormonal contraceptive treatment options

    Hormonal Contraceptives: Methods, Considerations, and Precautions
    • List various types of oral contraceptive products available
    • Recognize the factors that influence the initial choice of an oral contraceptive
    • Differentiate between the methods to initiate an oral contraceptive
    • List adverse effects related to oral contraceptive use
    • Recognize drug interactions with oral contraceptives
    • Indicate appropriate instructions for missed doses
    • Indicate appropriate actions to take if vomiting or severe diarrhea occurs while taking oral contraceptives

    Hormone Free Contraception and Emergency Contraception
    • Differentiate between the different types of fertility awareness-based methods
    • Compare and contrast the non-hormonal treatment options in preventing pregnancy
    • Compare the effectiveness of the non-hormonal treatment options in preventing pregnancy
    • Select the most appropriate method of emergency contraception for a patient after unprotected sexual intercourse

    Patient Care Process for Contraception
    • List the steps in the patient care process related to contraception therapy
    • List the information that should be obtained in the collection step of the patient care process
    • Identify the necessary factors to assess before recommending a contraceptive method
    • Specify directions for missed doses of the various hormonal contraceptive methods
    • List the drug interactions related to each hormonal contraceptive method
    • Recognize adverse effects related to each hormonal contraceptive method

    Expanded Scope of Practice: Pharmacists as Prescribers
    • Distinguish between collaborative prescribing versus autonomous prescribing
    • List steps involved in developing a risk management process
    • Differentiate techniques to manage the risks involved in prescribing
    • Identify factors to limit liability concerns related to legal and insurance requirements

    About Our Faculty:
    Stacey Schneider, PharmD
    Dr. Schneider is a licensed pharmacist in Ohio and Florida and has completed a residency in primary care at the John Cochran VA Medical Center in St. Louis, MO in conjunction with earning a teaching certificate in affiliation with the St. Louis College of Pharmacy.

    She has practiced in the community as a clinician and has been the director of medication management services as well as establishing health/wellness and immunization clinics. Dr. Schneider has transitioned into academia teaching both medicine and pharmacy students and her teaching and scholarship have focused on communication skills, clinical interviews, patient assessment, professional identity development, mentorship, and women’s health. She has been certified as an instructor in Mind-Body Medicine through the Georgetown University College of Medicine and has led several workshops focused on various techniques that involve self-awareness, meditation, reflection, and wellness and is the founder of RaeofLight, LLC.

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    • This program's final exam consists of 50 unique multiple-choice questions.
    • You have only three (3) attempts to pass the final certificate exam.
    • You may not leave the final certificate exam in the middle and return at a later time.
    • The final certificate exam has no time limit; however, we recommend that you write the answers down in case you lose your Internet connection or get interrupted while taking the exam.
    • You will earn continuing education credit as you complete each activity, totaling 6 credits upon final completion of all required activities.
    • You will have 12 months to complete the specialty certificate before it expires from your account.
    • This series certificate is NOT accredited for pharmacy technicians or nurses


    Contraceptive Care Specialty Pharmacist