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    Background. Pharmacists sit in the perfect position to enhance their knowledge and practice on complementary medicine. Often the hub of healthcare, an integral role in the community, and keenly set between patient and physician, pharmacists are often the ‘go-to’ piece of the triad puzzle. Natural medicine is core to the practice of pharmacy, as some of the original researchers and practitioners were pharmacists.

    More and more, patients are looking for complementary medicine to enhance their health care experience and are looking for credible resources for both knowledge and quality products such as natural supplements.

    Diet and physical medicine play a foundational role in a person’s health and wellness. Having a strong grasp of the impact of food, exercise, stress management, rest and repair can do for a person’s health offers the perfect complement to all other types of medicine.

    Program Description. Beginning at the foundational elements of health; diet, stress management, movement/exercise, other positive lifestyle habits, and nutritional medicine, Level I IPS provides you with the foundation and the languaging around complementary medicine to quickly become the obvious expert in your market.

    Preparing you for the next levels of advanced studies, where we will get into systems of the body, including adrenal health, digestive health, cardiovascular health, and many of the other areas plaguing our culture’s health.

    In Level II IPS the student will then begin to understand options for assessment, testing, and how to apply the principles in their practice.
    About Functional Pharmacist Robert Kress: Robert Kress, RPh, graduated from Temple University School of Pharmacy in Philadelphia PA in 1994. After becoming disenchanted with chemical dominant based medical system, Robert took his passion for nutrition and became board certified in clinical nutrition through the Clinical Nutrition Certification Board, as well as trained as a compounding pharmacist through the Professional Compounding Centers of America.

    During this time, Robert opened his own compounding and nutritional clinic, which blossomed into a complete anti-aging clinic housing other integrative practitioners. Robert became certified in Quantum Reflex Analysis, a practice of kinesiology, as well as have trained and certified in other modalities such as Reiki and auricular acupuncture, Primal Health Coach and Yoga Teacher.

    Currently, Robert consults with patients to enhance their health through lifestyle medicine as well other practitioners to help integrate, promote and implement natural medicine in their practices. Robert also provides regular educational Wellness Workshops and writes regularly on the topic of lifestyle medicine and integrative care.

    Robert believes as pharmacists, we are offered the perfect opportunity to integrate natural medicine into our practices, as its core to the history of pharmacy. Patients are looking for natural solutions for their health, while practitioners are looking towards integrative care to help solve their clients problems and enhance their practices.

    Some important notes to remember regarding the Integrative Pharmacy Specialist Certificate:
    • Registration costs $99 for members, $199 for non-members
    • Once you have completed the specialty certificate, you are eligible to claim a sharable digital badge. Learn more about badges here.
    • This program's final exam consists of 50 unique multiple-choice questions.
    • You have only three (3) attempts to pass the final certification exam.
    • You may not leave the final certification exam in the middle and return at a later time.
    • The final certification exam has no time limit; however, we recommend that you write the answers down in case you lose your Internet connection or get interrupted while taking the exam.
    • You will earn continuing education credit as you complete each activity, totaling 6 credits upon final completion of all required activities, or 8 credits if you complete the bonus module
    • You will have 12 months to complete the specialty certification before it expires from your account.
    • This series certification is accredited for pharmacists or nurses


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