• Background. The course, Pharmacy Spanish Specialist, provides pharmacists and pharmacy technicians with the knowledge and skills needed to provide a high level of care for Spanish-speaking patients and their families. In the day-to-day management of patients in any healthcare setting the clinician needs a quick reference for communicating with Spanish-speaking patients. The modular format delivers the content as manageable pieces of information and includes active learning exercises (IPractiquemos! / Let’s Practice!) that allow learners to demonstrate their understanding of the topic. This guide serves as a companion for the online course and is an excellent resource for visual learners. The online course includes assessments that provide feedback to the learner prior to moving onto the next lesson.

    Program Description. Half of the computer-generated Spanish prescription labels are either inaccurate or incomplete, according to a study published by the American Academy of Pediatrics. These lead to errors made by patients in following directions for use. Even the order of a Spanish speaker’s name can cause errors in labeling and filing.

    This course will equip you to give complete and accurate directions for use and will enable you to communicate with Spanish-speaking patients from drop-off to pick-up. This course meets the needs of both the Spanish novice and the native speaker desiring practical pharmaceutical terminology. It is a self-paced activity consists of six e-learning modules with active learning exercises, self-assessments, and a downloadable PDF course manual.

    Integrative Pharmacy Specialsit Badge

    About Stephanie Langston. Stephanie Langston is a Senior Lecturer of Spanish at Georgia State University Perimeter College and teaches both face-to-face at the Newton campus and online. She leads Spanish instructor training at the college and was the first Spanish Instructor to teach online. She also taught for the Georgia Institute of Technology and Oxford College of Emory University. Stephanie is the President, of Hands-on Spanish, Inc. Her company's continuing education programs include "Pharmacy Spanish," “Spanish for Nurses,” and "Spanish for the Courts, “ all nationally accredited. She also led the development of 200 hours of Spanish curriculum customized for the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agents of the Department of Homeland Security.

    The University of Georgia’s College of Pharmacy, The California Health Sciences University, and The University of Missouri Kansas City’s School of Medicine all use her programs in some capacity.

    She lives in Monroe, GA with her husband, Chris, her son, Emery, and her daughter, Maya (both adopted from Colombia). They are active in their church and are avid travelers (49 countries and counting). She also enjoys swimming, biking, singing, dancing, doing triathlons, playing the piano, and playing tennis.

    Some important notes to remember regarding the Pharmacy Spanish Specialist Certificate:

    • Registration costs $139 for members, $299 for non-members
    • Once you have completed the specialty certificate, you are eligible to claim a sharable digital badge. Learn more about badges here.
    • This program's final exam consists of 50 unique multiple-choice questions.
    • You have only three (3) attempts to pass the final exam.
    • You may not leave the final exam in the middle and return at a later time.
    • The final exam has no time limit; however, we recommend that you write the answers down in case you lose your Internet connection or get interrupted while taking the exam.
    • You will earn continuing education credit as you complete each activity, totaling 6 credits upon final completion of all required activities.
    • You will have 12 months to complete the specialty certificate before it expires from your account.


    Pharmacy Spanish Specialist