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      Our world has dealt with opioids in some way, shape, or form for centuries, yet so many consider our current opioid crisis as the only incidence in the history of mankind. Considering how Heroin was developed and intended to deal with morphine addiction, and how methadone and buprenorphine aim to address heroin (or really any opioid) addition, each pharmacological entity certainly comes with its own pitfalls. We, as a society, still need to remember the psychological aspects of both the core of addiction and the treatment. The first wave of the current opioid crisis observationally involved prescription opioids (whether attained via prescription or illicitly), the second wave involved heroin, the third wave involves fentanyl analogs and other “laced” products with heroin. Along the way, there are numerous other “natural” and “synthetic” opioid substances that are gaining momentum for utilization of any type across the globe. We are healthcare professionals, and, at the very least, should be able to identify any and all opioid substances, but perhaps then also take those into consideration during clinical conversations reviewing for side effects and drug interactions. This discussion is also part of the overall Substances of Abuse Specialty Pharmacist (SASP) certificate training program. So please join us for a dynamic discussion of the most sensationalized substances on our planet: opioids. Unlike opioids, this presentation is sure to open your eyes and possibly even elevate your blood pressure and/or heart rate!


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      Identify typical administration and utilization trends of common opioids substances of abuse whether having an outright illegal status or of legal prescription or over-the-counter origin.
      Calculate morphine milligram equivalent daily dosages (MMEs/Day) based on the 2016 CDC Chronic Pain Opioid Guidelines for common prescription opioid medications.
      Distinguish between the diverging legal classification and potency of opioids of abuse.
      Recognize that although studies have shown that 75% of heroin utilizers began with prescription opioid medications, correlating studies show the origin and intention of the prescription opioid use is outside a patient and healthcare professional relationship.
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