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    Wednesday, December 1, 2021

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    • Overview

      Human trafficking is today’s modern form of slavery. It is the second-largest criminal activity in the world and is a growing phenomenon. Trafficking typically originates in disadvantaged areas with a high level of poverty, lack of opportunity, and high crime rates but can also exist in communities of any socioeconomic class.

      Traffickers often lure victims by promising reliable income and opportunity if they agree to work with them. However, the traffickers then keep victims enslaved by way of several different techniques that all work to instill fear into the victim in order to keep them compliant. The fear and/or feelings of loyalty to perpetrators that victims experience is the driving force behind their continued captivity. This program will examine these factors using a case-based approach and educate pharmacy technicians on their role in putting a stop to human trafficking. 

      This program is accredited for Pharmacy Technicians ONLY. This program is FL BOARD APPROVED to meet the FL Pharmacy Technician Requirement for Human Trafficking.


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    • Pharmacy Technician

      Define the types of human trafficking, its venues and who it affects.
      Recognize the warning signs of trafficking and how to identify trafficking victims in pharmacy and health care settings.
      Identify resources for pharmacy personnel to report trafficking and provide support to suspected victims.
      Recognize how to report cases of human trafficking.
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