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      Our country has not had a U.S. Surgeon General over the past few decades avoid the general theme of "smoking cessation being the single most important effort to discuss with respective patients." Some may even venture to say that nicotine (a not-so-perfectly-legal-substance) may be the most addictive substance known to mankind. Fast forward from the Big Tobacco days of yore to our current society experiences with so very many instances of increased e-cigarette and vape utilization. Regardless of past marketing strategies for vapes, or current age restrictions for use of any nicotine delivery systems, there always has been, and perhaps always will be, a need for discussing smoking cessation, or, more aptly these days, vaping cessation. In fact, can, or should, vaping be utilized as smoking cessation? To answer this question, and countless others, we, as healthcare professionals, truly need to understand the mindset of someone choosing to smoke tobacco or vape, along with the products being utilized, and the available cessation agents, to ultimately even attempt to have continual and impactful conversations with our patients. To round off this discussion, we will also venture into the concept of inhalants that are abused across the globe on a daily basis, with particular attention to what we as healthcare professionals need to know to best educate our patients, and possibly save a life. This discussion is also part of the overall Substances of Abuse Specialty Pharmacist (SASP) Certificate training program. So please join us for a professional discussion on all forms of nicotine available today, along with inhalants, to finally clear the smoke on how to best improve and save the lives of our patients!


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    • Pharmacist

      Identify the typical amounts of nicotine within traditional tobacco, electronic cigarette, and vaping devices.
      Explain the harmful health concerns of the belief of utilizing electronic cigarettes and/or vaping devices as a replacement for traditional tobacco formulations due to the relatively higher concentrations of nicotine.
      Distinguish between the multiple over-the-counter (OTC) and prescription nicotine replacement therapies in respect to products, dosage, and administration
      Distinguish inhalants between groups of nitrites, anesthetics, and volatile solvents.
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